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Day of Race Parking

Please see our Parking Guide available HERE. There will be plenty of places to park and anywhere Downtown is just a short walk from the race site.

  • Parking is not permitted on the race course, surprisingly.
  • If you do decide to park on the race course then please be advised that a big greasy truck with a large hook will come and tow it away. You don’t want that, so heed the signs.
  • If you think the big greasy truck has swiped your nice shiny car then please call Mario’s Towing on 250.765.6009
  • We have a couple of parking lots where Mario’s Towing will ‘relocate’ your vehicle. If you think you have been towed then give them a call and they will let you know where it has been towed to.

Safety & Courtesy

  • Watch for pedestrians and stray vehicles on the course. Can vehicles be stray? Maybe. The Pushor Mitchell Kelowna Apple Triathlon bike course is a ‘Closed Course’ so there should be no vehicles. But … watch for vehicles anyway.
  • Respect other athletes.
  • Show appreciation to volunteers. They are an integral part of the race and almost as difficult for us to get our hands on as an enormous fluffy box of caffeine fuelled kittens. Without them you wouldn’t be racing. Say thanks. Hug them.
  • Rudeness towards a volunteer or official is grounds for disqualification. Rudeness to anyone just isn’t nice – unless you are English, in which case it is tradition, but one not to be administered this side of the Atlantic.

Pre Race

  • There is NO day of race package pickup.
  • Saturday Racers – Race package pickup is Friday.
  • Sunday Racers – Race package pickup can be done on Friday or Saturday.
  • Please check the SCHEDULE to see when you can get your hands on some free swag, your bike numbers, wristbands, caps and all that other lovely stuff.
  • Bikes must be checked in the night prior. See our schedule for when transition opens and closes.
  • When you check your bike in it must have it’s bike number attached.
  • When you check your bike in you must have your wristband on.
  • Bike number. Wrist band. Are you starting to see the link?
  • A bike mechanic will be available in the morning. They will not want to rebuild your bike from scratch. This is not the time to get a free annual tune up. They will help sort any issues that you may have.

Body Marking / Timing Chips / Numbers

Nothing beats turning up to a race about 15 seconds after you woke up to have some crazed graffiti artist volunteer cover any available limbs in permanent marker. My favourite moment is when you then add sunscreen and have the resulting mess transfer all over your expensive race kit.

  • There is no body marking.
  • We don’t need to body mark. I am not sure why races still do. If you have a love of permanent marker then we’ll have some for you at the Admin Tent. Stop by, grab a pen, go to town. Numbers, moustaches, get creative. Just keep it away from us!
  • Timing Chips will be given to you the day prior in your race pack. 
  • Your bike number goes on your bike. I know, crazy hey! Make sure it is visible from either side whilst riding. Attaching to the seat post is a preferred location.
  • Your helmet sticker goes on the front of your helmet. It helps the photographers allocate your photos to you.
  • Don’t lose your timing chip. If you do lose your timing chip then come and see us at the Admin Tent or go and see Sportstats. We will tell you that you weren’t supposed to lose your timing chip, and then give you another one. Sportstats will likely want you to pay for the lost one. Fair enough I think. Now don’t do it again.

Transition on Race Day

It’s show time! You’ll no doubt want to head to your bike, set up your little transition area. Wonder why you don’t have more room and maybe wish you could nudge your neighbours bike over … just an inch.

  • Transition opens at 6:00am.
  • No spectators will be allowed in transition. Only Competitors with valid wristbands will be allowed in transition.
  • After 7:00 the races will have started. We will keep transition open for you but please access it via the entrance at Harmony Bridge.
  • You will be assigned a spot according to your race number. Do. Not. Move.Your. Number. Otherwise we will feed you to the bears. Grrr!
  • Got a tiny bike with 650 wheels? Are your legs as long as the Wurtele’s? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you. We know it sucks to have a bike you can’t remove from under the rack bar or one that is flailing around in the wind because the wheels can’t touch the ground.

Relay Team Transition

Shared the duties between team members? Good idea. Solo sounds like hard work.

  • The timing chip is your ‘relay baton’. Each athlete must have the timing chip when they do their segment of the race.
  • The timing chip will be handed from one team member to the next in transition.
  • A race bib number must be worn by the runner.
  • All team athletes must have a wristband to enter the transition area.

Transition Area

Hundreds of highly charged, slightly nervous Type A triathletes crammed into a small area. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Only one bike per athlete. Seriously, who writes this stuff? Just bring one bike, check one bike in the night prior, get one bike in T1, ride one bike on the course. Obviously.
  • Remove your wetsuit at your transition area. When you pull down your wetsuit, have a quick check to make sure it’s the only thing you pulled down.
  • A walk in wardrobe allows you the luxury of a huge selection of clothing and personal items. Transition is not a walk in wardrobe. Only bring into transition the items you need for the race.
  • Athletes may use the Bag Drop for extra items.

Bag Drop

Like a consignment store except nothing gets sold and you just get your own stuff back.

  • The Bag Drop is in the expo area.
  • If someone managed to get all the way through their Race Director ‘to-do list’ there might even be a big sign with ‘Bag Drop’ printed on it.
  • You will need your wristband to pick up your bag. It has your number on it and ensures that Big Dave from Alberta doesn’t go home with tiny Susan from Washington’s yoga pants.
  • It will be open from 6:00am until 2pm.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your Bag Drop bag.

Wave Starts

Saturday’s Races will feature mass starts by category at the times show below.

Sunday races will feature Rolling Starts at the times shown below.

Saturday Races

Times may be subject to change.

07:00  |  National Anthem

07:05  |  Kids of Steel Wave Starts

07:45  |  Super Sprint / Try-a-Tri

08:05  |  Corporate Challenge

08:45  |  Youth & Junior MALE

08:50  |  Youth & Junior FEMALE

Sunday Races

Times may be subject to change.

07:00  |  National Anthem

07:10  |  Sprint MALE

07:15  |  Sprint FEMALE

07:45  |  Olympic MALE

08:15  |  Olympic FEMALE & Olympic RELAY


Swim Safety

Be calm. Be wise. Be safe.

  • A warm up swim is highly recommended. If you don’t get a warm up swim then have a 5 minute jog. Get the blood moving and get your heart rate up.
  • Don’t be a hero. If you need help then ask for help.
  • If you need help, ask early. Don’t wait until you are in distress. Swim to a Lifeguard, Kayak, Stand Up Paddleboard. Hang on, have a chat, chill out.
  • You can hold on to help as long as you like. Do not propel yourself forward using the craft. You can carry on when ready or they can calmly get you out of the lake. Like we said, don’t be a hero.
  • If you are in a wave start – seed yourself according to swim ability. The waves are not big. Faster swimmers at the front. Slower swimmers at the back.
  • If you are in a rolling start then seed yourself according to ability. Dolphins (fast guys) at the front, Seahorses (not fast swimmers but cute) at the back. Even the rolling start waves are not big.
  • Be calm. Be wise. Be safe.

Swim Course

Warning. You will get wet.

  • Wear your official swim cap. It’s the right colour for us to herd you around efficiently. Moo!
  • The swim warm up area opens at 6am. Jump in!
  • Stay off the swim course prior to the race. Anyone disobeying will be harpooned.
  • Please gather at the swim start area 15 Minutes Prior to your race start.
  • Wetsuit ruling. An announcement will be made in the morning prior to race start (approx 6:45am). Please feel free to chatter excitedly amongst yourselves immediately this announcement has finished.
  • It is a Beach Start
  • Lifeguards are on Kayaks, SUP’s and in boats.
  • 100m to 300m Saturday Swimmers – You will swim anti clockwise around the 100m lane rope marked course
  • 400m Saturday Swimmers – Swim anticlockwise, to the right of all buoys on your buoy marked course.
  • 750m Sunday Swimmers – Swim anticlockwise, to the right of all buoys on your buoy marked course.
  • 1500m Sunday Swimmers – Swim anticlockwise, to the right of all buoys on your buoy marked course, you will exit the water after your first loop, run round the beach marker and enter the water starting your second loop.
  • No course cutting. No diving under bouys.
  • Please only discard your swim items (Wetsuit, Goggles, Swim Cap, Hopes and Dreams) in your own transition spot.

Swim Course maps can be viewed on our Course Maps page.

Course maps


Sometimes the water is too hot for wetsuits. Okanagan Lake is pretty warm so this happens at The Apple frequently. No amount of wailing and tears will overrule the decision.

If wetsuits are prohibited you will hear an announcement early on race day. ‘No wetsuit’ means a couple of rules come into play so listen up. If wetsuits are prohibited then …

  • You may not wear any other type of suit that you remove after the swim.
  • Whatever outer layer you wear in the swim YOU MUST WEAR IT ON THE BIKE AND RUN.
  • No wetsuits means no wetsuits, no short sleeved wetsuits, no neoprene shorts, nothing that aids buoyancy.
  • Top Tip: If it is a no wetsuit swim, don’t wear anything baggy!


Participation Wave

An athlete can wear a wetsuit for temperatures between 22 and 24.5 degrees as long as they compete in a separate “participation” wave after the race has commenced. Athletes who opt into the wetsuit wave will be included in a different set of results and will not be eligible for prizing and awards. These are not our own made up rules but rather following TriBC / ITU regulations:

  • The wetsuit wearing athletes MUST start in a separate participation wave.
  • The wetsuit wearing athletes must have a separate results sheet.
  • Awards, prizes and podium positions shall NOT be awarded to participation wave athletes.

Bike Course

The swim is done. It’s pedal time!

  • If you have your hands on your bike then you helmet MUST BE ON AND STRAP DONE UP.
  • Do not mount your bike until after the mount line. Patience is a virtue.
  • Merge with the other bike traffic in a controlled manner.
  • Dismount your bike before the dismount line. Please arrive at the dismount line at a reasonable speed. You are entering transition, not landing a fighter jet. We will not ‘Be your wingman anytime’. Take it easy.
  • You are responsible for counting your own laps on the bike.
  • We have timing mats on the course to verify laps so …. don’t do a Julie Miller!
  • Stay to the right.
  • No drafting + No blocking = No penalties. (only the Youth & Junior Series are Draft Legal)
  • No glass bottles. Doh!
  • No headphones. You can DJ on your own time.
  • Watch out for random pedestrians and those stray vehicles we mentioned earlier.
  • Emergency vehicles have right of way. All. The. Time.

Bike Course maps can be viewed on our Course Maps page.

Course maps

SATURDAY - Swim to Bike Transiton

This is the Swim to Bike Transition for all Saturday Racers (KOS, Corporate Challenge, Super Sprint, Youth, Junior)

saturday T1 Map

Saturday Races - Number of Bike Laps

The number of laps done by each event is as follows. Each lap is 5km.

KOS 8 & 9  |  1 lap

KOS 10 & 11  |  1 lap

KOS 12 & 13  |  2 laps

KOS 14 & 15  |  2 laps

KOS 16 – 19  |  2 laps

Youth Series  |  2 laps

Junior Series  |  2 laps

Super Sprint  |  2 laps

Corporate Relay  |  2 laps

SUNDAY - Swim to Bike Transiton

This is the Swim to Bike Transition for all Sunday racers (Sprint, Olympic, Olympic Relay)

Sunday Races - Number of Bike Laps

The number of laps done by each event is as follows. Each lap is 10km.

Sprint  |  2 laps

Olympic  |  4 laps

Olympic Relay  |  4 laps


Ignore some of the previously mentioned rules and you’ll incur a penalty.

  • Drafting and blocking infractions = 1 min (Sprint) or 2 mins (Olympic) in the Penalty Box.
  • Draft zone is 3m x 12m & 20 seconds to pass.
  • Penalty Box located at entrance to T2.

Run Course

Time to get sweaty.

  • Marked by volunteers and cones
  • 3 Aid stations on course
  • Count your own laps (Sprint 1; Olympic 2)
  • Lap verification mats on course
  • Watch for pedestrians & stray vehicles
  • Emergency Vehicles have the right of way.

Run Course maps can be viewed on our Course Maps page.

Course maps

SATURDAY - Bike to Run Transiton

This is the Bike to Run Transition for all Saturday Racers (KOS, Corporate Challenge, Super Sprint, Youth, Junior)

saturday T2 map

Saturday Races - Number of Run Laps

The number of laps done by each event is as follows. Each lap is 1km.

KOS 8 & 9  |  1 lap

KOS 10 & 11  |  2 lap

KOS 12 & 13  |  3 laps

KOS 14 & 15  |  3 laps

KOS 16 – 19  |  3 laps

Youth Series  |  3 laps

Junior Series  |  3 laps

Super Sprint  |  3 laps

Corporate Relay  |  3 laps

SUNDAY - Bike to Run Transiton
This is the Swim to Bike Transition for all Sunday racers (Sprint, Olympic, Olympic Relay) sunday t2 map
Sunday Races - Number of Run Laps

The number of laps done by each event is as follows. Each lap is 5km.

Sprint  |  1 laps

Olympic  |  2 laps

Olympic Relay  |  2 laps

Finish Chute

You made it home. Cameras are flashing, people are cheering, you feel like a rockstar.

  • Please try to clear the finish chute promptly.
  • Please do not re-enter finish chute once you have left.

Timing Chips

The little puppies record your time. Don’t lose them! Velcro them. Pin them.

  • You will receive your timing chip at package pickup.
  • Timing chips must be turned in at the finish line
  • If you DNF turn in your timing chip in to an official or the finish line crew.
  • There is a $75 charge for lost timing chips.


Hopefully you will not need to see these guys, but if you do …

  • Write all medical conditions on back of race number bib
  • The Canadian Ski Patrol is on the course
  • There is a Physican run Medical tent at finish line.
  • In case of an emergency call 9-1-1
  • Massages are available at in the expo on Saturday or Sunday. A great massage by Sun City Physio is $20 for 15 minutes.

Post Race Food & Drink

Rumour has it there will be a Pancake Breakfast, Beers, a band and a few laughs happening at the Harmony Place Beer Garden

  • Athletes will receive a complimentary Pancake Breakfast served up by the Rotary Club. The tear off sheet on your bib is for that Pancake Breakfast.
  • Extra Pancake Breakfast Tickets can be purchased at the food tent.
  • The Beer Garden will be serving Tree Brewing Beers.
  • Open to athletes and spectators.
  • Our license allows children into the Beer Garden. They are not allowed to purchase or drink alcohol. Obviously.


Results will be posted near the Beer Garden as they come in.

Results will also be available live at Sportstats. Follow the link on our RESULTS page.


Protests - KOS / Corporate Cup / Super Sprint
  • There are no protests – none.
  • Officials on the course will do their best to catch infractions
  • Timing crew and officials will verify proper laps were completed
Protests - Olympic / Sprint / Olympic Relay
  • Protests and Appeals must be filed ONLY with the Race Referee
  • Must be accompanied by $50CAD cash.
  • Must be received within 15 minutes of your finish or if it is related to timing then 15 minutes after the timing results are posted.


Awards will be handed out in the Beer Garden. Next to the Dolphins Fountain.

Results will be posted somewhere. Keep your eye out for them! Likely by the awards area.

Saturday Races

Saturday’s Awards Ceremony takes place at 11:00am.



  • All KOS Athletes will receive a finishers medal.

Youth Series

  • The top 3 Male and top 3 Female will receive Pushor Mitchell Apple Triathlon medals.

Junior Series

  • The top 3 Male and top 3 Female will receive Pushor Mitchell Apple Triathlon medals.
  • The top 3 Male and Female from BC will recive Provincial Championship medals from TriBC.

Super Sprint / Try-A-Try

  • The top 3 Males and top 3 Females overall will receive Pushor Mitchell Apple Triathlon medals.

Corporate Challenge

  • The top team will receive the award at the Pushor Mitchell Kelowna Apple Triathlon receptions at the Tree Brewing Institute.
Sunday Races

Sunday’s Awards ceremony takes place at 12 noon.



  • The top 3 competitors in each age group will receive a Pushor Mitchell Kelowna Apple Triathlon medal.


  • The top 3 competitors in each age group will receive a Provincial Medal from TriBC

Olympic Relay

  • The members of the top Relay Team will each receive a Pushor Mitchell Kelowna Apple Triathlon medal.

Transition Check Out

  • The Transition Area will be fully open after last runner has entered the run course.
  • You may only remove bikes at that time.
  • Make sure you take your own bike, not the nicest one you can find.
  • Limited re-access to Transition Area permitted during race only at Harmony Bridge
  • Do NOT interfere with other racers.
  • Clear out all your equipment before 2:00 pm
  • Transition closes at 2pm.
  • Will will sell any remaining bikes to the highest bidder …. or for a beer token, whichever is offered first.

Lost and Found

  • Located next to the Volunteer Tent
  • The Volunteer Tent is located on the Plaza outside of Prospera Place. This is over the road from the transition area.

Fun Times

Thank you so much for coming to join us – we appreciate your presence at the 34th Annual Pushor Mitchell Apple Triathlon.

Since we want you to race hard and have fun we decided to include beer, pancakes and a band as part of the post-race festivities.  Each athlete will get one plate of pancakes – hand the tear off portion of your bib to get loaded up.  Your friends and family may also indulge for $6….please bring exact cash for that.

Beer requires ID, no exceptions – even if you haven’t been carded in decades, do us a favour and bring it as it is part of our liquor license requirements.

Thanks again and have a great race!