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Adult Draft Legal Clinic ?- $25.00

August 13, 2016 – 8 am – 12 pm @ Immaculata High School 1493 KLO Road

There is a minimum of?5 participants required to hold the clinic.


All Triathlon BC member, 19 years and older, interested in learning the necessary skills to pursue draft legal competency.


Senior, certified cycling coaches will instruct athletes on proper techniques related to draft legal racing. The course promises to cover how to safely:?

??????? Ride in a peloton / paceline environment

??????? Rotate positions within a paceline

??????? Signal to communicate within a paceline

??????? Position hands on the handlebars, maximizing safety

??????? Employ emergency maneuvers and proper braking procedures within a paceline

??????? Remove, drink, and replace water bottle while riding in a paceline

??????? Use all gears effectively

??????? Apply proper cornering techniques

??????? Apply seated and standing climbing techniques

Athletes demonstrating relevant competencies will receive a Certificate issued by Triathlon BC.


This clinic aims to build upon the skill set of athletes that already have basic cycling competencies in place.? Athletes will be cycling in a pack environment; all participants attending Draft Clinics must possess basic cycling competencies.? The use of a road-specific bike with drop bars is required.? Mountain bikes, and time trail specific bicycles are not permitted.?Must have TriBC?insurance or purchase day-of insurance.