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?Don?t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone!? ?

Words of encouragement from 20 year old Jamie Oosterhuis who is taking her own advice. Jamie is currently training to take part in the ?Pushor Mitchell Kelowna Apple Triathlon this August 20 – 21. It will be her first triathlon ever.

Jamie got the idea to take part in the race while chatting with one of the event organizers, who is a member of the Okanagan YMCA where she works. ?Plus I have so many inspirational people around me who are constantly training for upcoming triathlons which motivated me to sign up and begin training myself!?

Jamie is taking the Apple Tri Training Program from PB+J Coaching to prepare for the race. ?The training program is great for beginners. I appreciate that I can switch around the workouts to better fit my schedule, and I really appreciate the rest day.?

It?s all about listening to your body, says Jamie. ?Taking it easy on days that you?re supposed to take it easy can be a challenge. I find that I am pushing myself to the limit and therefore feel that I need an extra rest day, which shouldn?t be happening. That being said, you have to listen to your body. If it?s telling you to take it slow, respect that.?

When it comes to the race itself Jamie says she?s looking forward to seeing her final time and how she will feel, physically, afterward. But, as with all triathletes, there are a couple of areas of the race she is facing with a little more trepidation, ?Either getting into the water at the very beginning, or the transitions. I haven?t decided yet.?

Regardless of the possible challenges she may encounter, Jamie feels the Apple Tri is a great race for first timers like herself. ?It?s a good beginner?s triathlon because it has different distances to choose from. If you?re already an endurance athlete but haven?t raced before, try out the ?Olympic? distance. If you have no clue what you?re doing and just beginning to run, bike, or swim, try out the ?Try-A-Tri? distance.?

?It?s okay if you?re not an amazing swimmer, perfect cyclist or fast runner, because everyone who is a triathlete now has been at the exact same place as you sometime in their life,? adds Jamie, ?Do it! Don?t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone!?